You Can’t Fool Mother Nature…….

…..even on April Fool’s Day, today. We have done so much harm to our planet that I think Mother Nature’s getting back at us with all the climate issues, disasters, etc.  Since Earth Day is this month, I will be posting mostly with information about SUSTAINABILITY in all areas: food, water, soil, recycling, and any other topic that seems appropriate.

Spring into Conscious and Conscientious Living


A long-time theme for Earth Day has been : REDUCE, REUSE,RECYCLE and I hope to address all three during what I call Earth Day Month.

But I have a request: If you have interesting ways of reducing, reusing, and recycling, please send them to be via your comments or directly by emailing me: Thanx.

One of my ideas is based on the 12-step program  from AA coupled with dropping old habits and taking on new ones. Since there are 12 months of the year, I am suggesting that you trade on un-ecological habit for one new one, each month tackling a new one so that you have time to make it permanent.

For example, I used to keep my sink water running when I bushed my teeth.I no longer do that and the non-running water is now a habit.

Here are some suggestions to help you begin your own old habit/new habit plan, if you so choose…and I hope you do! It falls under the heading of Living Green, which is part of reduce, reuse, recycle.

1. Read labels on foods and cleaning products and avoid those with harsh chemicals or ingredients you may not even recognize!

2. Use your legs more and your car less. I live across the street from a shopping center and almost always go on foot unless I will be schlepping heavy packages from the market.

3. Start buying organic clothing. Sprays on cotton are a large part of the pesticide problem. Organic can be pricey, so look online and for sales. More on that in an essay on my own experience.

4. Increase your purchases of organic foods. Using the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen list from, you can gradually add organic items that are on the Dirty Dozen, starting with foods you eat the most.  Give up some other pricey processed foods, like potato chips, for healthy potatoes that you can bake to crispy chips in your oven.

5. Take shorter showers. Maybe lop off one minute @ month until you are down to a 5 minute shower.

6. If you have a house with a lawn, consider putting in stones or cacti, which use less water.

7. Look into a hybrid car. We purchased one on sale. It was the last 2014 before the 2016s arrived, so the price was reduced $10,000 and with our trade-in, the cost of the car was no more than the non-hybrid we were driving.

8. Reduce how many things you buy, in general, such as clothes, books, and shoes. Give away what you are not wearing for someone else to reuse. The Vietnam Vets pick up items at our condo with a single phone call. Donate household items no longer useful. We just donated our 50 cup coffee maker from our at home wedding 12 years ago to be used in our condo social room condo, since we use it almost never!

9. Grow a small garden in your backyard or on your patio. (I grow herbs and my husband fills our window boxes with lovely flowers. The tiny patio becomes a comfort zone.) You will notice a difference in your food when you eat it the same day you harvest. In winter, you can grow the herbs on a kitchen shelf or on a window sill in another room. Also, consider growing sprouts all year round. I have several articles you can access by trying Sprouts in the Search bar. Sprouts you grow are local and organic seeds are available.

10. Be sure to make use of the recycling bins in your neighborhood. You can also drop off clean plastic bags at supermarkets. Start using cloth bags more so you have less plastic in circulation.

11. Buy a stainless steel water bottle or one of the ones that are glass encased in a rubber protector. I notice a lot of plastic water bottles in regular garbage containers that are NOT recycled, but with your own SS bottle, you can skip that step altogether.

12. Sign petitions that reflect your own green guidelines, like the petition for banning fracking, or the one that stops animals, especially those that are being killed for sport, to be protected. I post them regularly with help from my friend Honey, who is my environmental watch dog.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but I would love to hear from you with your own green living ideas to post. I will use your first name and last initial if you would rather not be identified.


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