Yay! It’s May! 2013

While the end of March is officially the beginning of spring  May is the real spring (for me) in the Northeast US. Why? Because all the daffodils and tulips and crocuses and pansies and forsythia have paraded before us as the appetizers to spring in March and April, but May is when we really see the magnolias, dogwoods, azaleas and other flowers blooming everywhere. These are the entrees of spring.

Since I will be away until mid-May, I have some postings already in the wings. The emphasis will be on motherhood, since May 12th is Mother’s Day. But I would like to focus on single moms and grandmothers.  I feel that single motherhood is a “minority” that has not been addressed enough in the articles I read.  When I separated from my husband of 30 years, I had an 11-year old daughter who became my responsibility. Being a parent is difficult enough; being a single parent is a real challenge.

I also want to honor grandmothers on Mother’s Day. While both my grandmothers are gone, they are not forgotten. Below is a photo of my maternal grandmother on her wedding day with my grandfather, who died when I was two. I will have an essay that will post called “I Remember MeMe.”


My grandmother Ethel Safir Speiser on her wedding day with my grandfather Harry Louis Safir. When she came to America, they changed their name to Spicer, which I took when I became single.

I plan to start my herbal garden on our patio when I return. My “plant manager” (husband Alan with the greenest thumb I know)  said to wait until then because of the possible of late frost. In the meantime, I have been saving this old postcard I picked up at a flea market. (I also hope to post some recipes using herbs by the end of the month.)

Victory Gardens were part of the WWII effort and with Earth Day just last month, I think we need to bring gardens back to help us become more aware of the impact of food and farming on the planet. By growing even some of our own food, free of pesticides, we are scoring a type of “victory” against agri-business and all the problems with pesticides and the pollution of Mother Earth. Since tending a garden is a daily commitment, you are also practicing “Earth Day Every Day,” on of my favorites mottoes.

I also hope to review at least one book. I chose Big Yoga, because with the emphasis on Mother’s Day, I know there are moms and aunts and teachers out there who shy away from yoga because they think they are too heavy. This book will tell you otherwise.

End of May Update: I will review this in June or July. I took a different book on vacation in error, which I hope to review before June 1st.

May is also National Osteoporosis Month & National Mental Health Month. I hope to do one posting for each of these or combine them with some new information.

Finally, since we will be on our annual trip out west to see my three children (& their significant others) and my husband’s son, I plan to take pictures for travel Tales or the Photo Gallery. We will also be going to Sante Fe & Albuquerque, so maybe I will find some good laundry pictures hanging on clotheslines in the sunshine.  In the meantime, here is another neighborhood photo of the trees that are bloomin’ like crazy!

Happy May!

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