Yay! for Yoga

NOTE: I started taking yoga in 1953, before I even knew what to was. My teacher, Michael Volin, was the father of yoga in Australia, although he was a native of India. Michael always said, “Love Your Body,” which I have embraced. He also introduced me to vegetarianism and I soon was given up red meat, poultry, and fish and also flirted with veganism. I think my love of yoga (I now do Yin Yoga) rubbed off on my older daughter. Here is her photo and  comments. ellensue2a00cb33-7264-4376-b00b-20c7583f0f6a

Welcome to the Sculpt Instructor Family, Eileen!
“I was first introduced to yoga by my mother in the 1970s when I was a little girl (we wore leotards to class!), but I didn’t really begin my own yoga practice and exploration until I was 30 in 1995. I turned 51 this year and I have more vitality and happiness than I’ve ever had – and yoga is a big part of that! Yoga is a place I always go to – my home – in times of joy and high energy but also in times of struggle, stress and exhaustion. Yoga has helped me get through difficult times – it’s my therapy and safe place. I’m just beginning my yoga teaching journey with Sculpt at Spark, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I have so much to learn – I always feel like a beginner when I step on my mat! I’m committed to teaching classes that are safe, sustainable and transformational. My purpose as a yoga teacher is this: to guide and inspire you in your personal practice so you can continue practicing throughout your life guided by the best teacher you will ever have – the one right inside you. Namaste!”

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