Words on Words: Two Offerings for National Poetry Month by ellensue

Note: Words are my oxygen. I need to write so I breathe…. whether to reduce stress, cope with anger, or express joy. So here are two poems about the words themselves.


i’m terrifically prolific when it comes to  a rhyme.
i spout just like a fountain, every single time.

a muse has taken residence in a corner of my heart,
calling the shots without a push or jump start.

it’s a definite addiction   
…or may be an affliction!

like the red shoes dancer,
exhaustion is the answer.

the words keep pouring out, like flowing vintage wine,
crowding worldly thoughts with intervention divine.

no longer do i wonder why, or how this gift occurs,
as the words slip out effortlessly, my heart just purrs.

so muse of mine,
you’re doing’ fine.
let my fingers keep on walkin’
while you do the talkin’.

i’ll be your scribe and write your book
no time to ponder or the dictionary to look.

the words are here, the times now!
i’m through for the day; now you can take a bow.

Inky Trails

Wherever I go, my words follow:

the sound of my pen scratching

the clicking of the keyboard

the sight of written thoughts

Hard evidence, inky trails, a wordsmith’s imprint on Life

Why words?

Why not photos, pictures, sculptures, dance?

Why rhymes?

Why not haiku, free verse, soliloquies?

Why write at all?

I don’t know why…

I just have to

It’s like deep breathing

It’s like humming unconsciously

It’s like dancing in my mind.

Why write, indeed! How can I not…

Share the joy

Ease the pain

Unload my mind

Tickle my brain?

Inky trails, like footprints in the snow, frozen in time.

2 thoughts on “Words on Words: Two Offerings for National Poetry Month by ellensue

  1. I enjoyed your poems, very succinct. Interesting that my introduction to a second grade class
    in McLean, Va, ( my granddaughter, Hildy’s class) was to ask “how many kids like to play ball?”
    of course, the kids all responded with baseball, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.” I told
    them I like to play with “words.” This started my reading of one of my many stories and then of course,
    more condensed my poetry. You certainly have condensed your sords that came from the heart
    with passion.

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