Women’s Voices for Change: Heart Disease in Women and V-Day: One Billion & Rising

Women’s Voices for Change has posted an excellent article by cardiologist James Blake on CAD (Coronary Heart Disease) in women, showing the similarities and differences. Google: www.womensvoicesforchange and search for Heart Disease and Women. Definitely worth reading!

Here’s is a quote from that article:

“Physicians and the general public need to recognize that coronary artery disease is the No. 1 killer of women. The symptoms, test results, and treatments of coronary artery disease in women are more similar to those of men than they are different. Removing our general complacency in this area, recognizing the disease and its risk factors at an earlier stage, and following treatment guidelines faithfully should significantly improve outcome among women with this disease.”

I also received an email from Eve Ensler’s cause: One Billion & Rising. Here is that link: http://action.vday.org/site/R?i=iZ5F4GduarM7P1xAJZIjTw . Eve uses Feb. & Valentine’s Day as a way of highlighting “femicide” and the need for a truly equal society. Here is just one of their logos from last year’s campaign:

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