Women’s History Month: The Pussycat Project as History

I totally forgot it was Women’s History Month until a few days ago, but I am saved by the bell with an article my sister-in-law Carol (many thanx!) sent me from Brown University’s Alumni Magazine. (My recently deceased brother was a professor @ Brown.) The essay is called “Pink Protest” and tells how Jayna Zweiman (Class of ’01) and friend Krista Suh came up with the idea for a hat that now and forevermore will be known as “pussyhats.” As the article noted: “For many, knitting a pussyhat was an introduction to activism.” 

This, to me, is perfect example of how history is made. Because of a concussion, Jayna was unable to attend the Washington March right after the inauguration. While recovering, she took a knitting class and came up with the idea of the Pussycat Project on November 22nd last year.

I knitted two just recently, because my niece Dori lost hers and I gave my first practice hat to my daughter-in-law’s sister while in California, using inexpensive hot pink yarn and the directions Dori sent me via the Internet. (Easy directions) I did not take photos of the hat, so the one here is from the Internet. (I think the corners may have been sewn down to look more like ears than just points.)

I think I have enough yarn to make a pussyhat for me. Every time I wear it will be a reminder to me and others how women can make a difference with a ball of yarn and two sticks (knitting needles).

2 thoughts on “Women’s History Month: The Pussycat Project as History

  1. Good explanation of an historical fashion item. Did you know today is “pink out day” to show support for Planned Parenthood? Wear something pink! I am.

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