Women’s Health Matters (first posting)

NOTE: From my five drawers of files, I have picked the one entitled Summer (articles for Menupause I planned to post in summer.) I decided to use This ‘n That for all the information in the Summer file and post it as a digest on health matters for women. I like the play on words: health matters, with the emphasis either on the first word health as an adjective to the noun matters, or with the emphasis on matters as a verb and health as the noun.

So in the next few weeks, I will be posting what I hope will be considered “nuggets of knowledge,” bits of information from various sources that are aimed at improving your overall health or motivate you to make changes in your lifestyle, exercise, diet, and your educational/financial/ emotional/mental/spiritual life.

These are not endorsements, just information that I pass along to you with the idea that you may find one or two useful. If so, then gathering it has not been in vain, and if not, then I apologize for wasting your time.  The notes will be brief and to the point and you can go further on your own if need be.  Happy Reading! ♥

P.S. To brighten the information, I am including photos from our last day on the cruise when we took a trip to Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. Absolutely beautiful gardens and gorgeous flowers! I have a guide book to the flowers and plants from the gardens, although many look the same, so my labeling may not be correct. If you know the correct  name, please comment.

Salpiglossis (Painted Tongue)

Nugget #1: Dorothea Hunter writes in the February 2010 Healthwise Magazine that women who use insecticides (like Raid) to kill bugs either six or more times a year increase their risk of developing two autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. This came from a report from Dr. Christine Parks of the NIH (National Institute of Health.)

My comment: You can make non-harmful bug sprays. Go to www.eartheasy.com for natural solutions to insect control or to http://www.savingcentswithsense.net. This website suggests combining any kind of dish detergent with gin and vinegar. Maybe the bugs get drunk and collapse!!!

Lavatera (Mallow) or a kind of Hibiscus, which is also the mallow family

Nugget #2: “Power Napping” is considered a better way to recharge your batteries that leaning on caffeine, or so says an article called Snooze Control in Wed MD the Magazine (June 2010). According to Sara C. Mednick, PhD, who has written Take a Nap! Change Your Life, with co-author Mark Ehrman, napping even 15 to 20 minutes can reset your system , increase your motor performance, and helps boost memory as well as enhance creativity.

My comment: I have been taking naps all my life. My mother loved to nap, so I guess the idea rubbed off on me. I agree that it recharges my body’s batteries and takes the edge off fatigue. I hope to buy the book mentioned above and review in the future.

Mixture of Yellow Daisies, Poppies and perhaps Cardinal Lobelia (left to right)

Nugget #3: This from Suze Orman’s 2007 book noted in O Magazine (June 2007)— Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny. The excerpt lists “The Eight Qualities of a Wealthy Woman” (that can translate into financial success).

1&2. Harmony and Balance– Harmony is defined as an agreement between what you think, say and do, while balance is a state of stability that allows you to make sound judgments to enhance your financial security.

3&4. Wisdom and Courage – Wisdom is the ability to make sensible decisions while courage is what lets us assert our opinions with confidence. (Ex. If you tell you mother you love her, but can’t bail her out financially at the expense of your financial survival, you need both wisdom and courage.)

5&6: Generosity and Happiness – Both parties need to benefit for a gesture to be considered generous and happiness manifests itself through generosity.  For example, you can make a financial donation to a worthy cause and feel good about it, but don’t deplete your bank account in the process.

7&8. Cleanliness and Beauty –Removing clutter brings clarity that makes achieving our goals easier and it is a sign of (good) control. And when you bring the previous seven qualities in to your life, you feel beautiful. (Suze’s words, not mine.)

My comment: These qualities seem to be important for all aspects of my life, not just my financial security, so I plan to read this book to gain more understanding of these eight important qualities.

Delphiniums (Pacific Giant Mix)

P.S. I will also post this on www.divorcedayz.info, because staying healthy is especially important when going through a divorce.

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