Winter Fruit Salad

On my Home Page on December 1st, I noted that the red, green, and white used at this time of year is generally associated with Christmas, but I think they are the colors of winter that Christmas borrowed. So this fruit salad is a winter salad topped with unsweetened, dried coconut to resemble snow. And since it features the pomegranate, I thought I would include some information from Pom Wonderful (, the company that creates all the tasty pomegranate juices.

This is from their brochure:

Pomegranates aren’t only delicious, they’re a veritable treasure trove of health benefits.  Pomegranates contain polyphenols, on of nature’s most powerful and effective antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect your body against “free radicals,” major factors in aging as well as in chronic conditions like heart disease and cancer. They are also chock-full of Vitamin C, a vital nutrient that’s been shown to reduce both the length and severity of colds: and vitamin K, a substance required for healthy blood coagulation.

The brochure also suggests how to remove the seeds, called “arils,” but you can also purchase pomegranate avrils all ready to use. The procedure for removing the avrils require cutting off the crown, scoring the fruit into quarters and opening it, loosening the arils over a bowl of water, scooping out the membrane, and then straining the arils.

Here’s my recipe, which assumes you have already removed the arils or purchased them in tubs from the health food store. Depending on where you live, the berries might have to be purchased frozen, but please buy organic, since berries, especially strawberries, are heavily sprayed.

Winter Fruit Salad

Utensils: Cutting board, knife, bowl for prep and one for serving (or small,individual serving bowls)
Prep. Time: 10 minutes if pomegranate avrils already  removed from its fruit
Category: Vegan, Gluten-Free


Arils (Seeds) from one-half of a pomegranate
One-two green kiwis, peels and cut into small pieces
one cup red berries of your choice (I was able to get fresh, organic raspberries)
1- 2 Tbl. Unsweetened, dried coconut for “snow”


Combine pomegranate arils, kiwi, and berries into a large bowl and toss gently with coconut. Place in a serving bowl and scoop into small serving bowls. Alternately, toss the fruit and place in small bowls. Then sprinkle on coconut.

If you wish a “wetter” salad, feel free to add some pomegranate, apple, or orange juice to moisten before adding coconut. Also, consider serving at room temperature for increased taste.

Alternately: Combine the fruit and place in individual bowls topped with coconut


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