Welcome to Menupause’s Fourth Year!


The photo above is a view from the back of our building facing the pool. It is cold and blustery outside, but warm and cozy inside.

March marks my third full year writing menupause and the beginning of my fourth year. As I write this, the snowstorm reflected in the picture above has ushered in March’s coming in like a lion.

If you have been reading my blog, then you know I have changed from a monthly format to a weekly format. Basically the information is the same, but I spread it over the month so you are not overwhelmed with too much information and I can post more quickly and easily. For those who prefer the monthly format, feel free to read my blog at the end of each month.

I am still excited about writing this blog, even if I do not reach everyone I would like. Please spread the word to family and friends, so that more people will learn about menupause. Subscribing is easy; just click on the Subscribe button at the bottom of any page and add your email, which will give you automatic updates when there is a new posting.

Also, be sure to click on the Home Page if you are not a subscriber, so you can see what’s up for March, besides snow!

This Sufi poem from The Purpose of Life (Penguin Books, 2005) by the poet Saadi seems to sum up why I continue to write this blog. I think my purpose is to write my thoughts and share them with others, and writing keeps my soul’s light burning.

Every being is born for a certain purpose,
And the light of that purpose
is kindled in its soul

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