Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink!

My Note: The recent water issue in West Virginia has sparked the Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org) to galvanize us to action by insisting that chemical reform is needed to keep our drinking water safe. Please read and sign if you agree.

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We need real toxics policy reform!

Dear Readers,

More than 300,000 people without drinkable tap water.

And it’s all because our nation’s toxic chemical policy – The Toxic Substances Control Act – is broken.

TSCA is so weak that when a hazardous chemical leaked from a coal processing plant into West Virginia’s water supply last week, officials did not know the harmful effects of drinking that contaminated water.

We need toxics reform now – we needed it before this catastrophe. Take action today and demand real toxics reform.

Click here to tell your members of Congress you want real chemical reform now. It’s time for legislation that protects our health and the health of our families.

The industry-backed Chemical Safety Improvement Act is worse than current law, and it would not have made a difference in West Virginia.

Neither current law nor this proposed “reform” requires chemicals to be evaluated and proven safe before being sold. And CSIA would prevent communities and states like West Virginia from taking legal action against chemical companies. This leaves you and your family at risk of exposure to chemicals found in everyday consumer products – and potentially from chemical leaks like the one in West Virginia, which left about a sixth of the state’s population without potable water for days.

TSCA has been the law of the land since 1976. It’s beyond time that we have real reform of our nation’s toxics policy. Take action today!

Click here to take action right now. We need real toxics policy reform.

Thank you for taking action!


Heather White
Executive Director, Environmental Working Group

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