Veterans Day: Two Days Late

P.S. I wrote this on the 11th and left it in Draft form so it never posted. The info is still helpful, I think, so I am still posting it, even if it is late.

For the last few days we have seen ads for the Wounded Warriors project and it finally hit me that the plethora of ads has been leading up to Veterans Day, which is today. I went to the website:  and thought I would post a small message for those interested in donating. I have been posting petitions on Climate Change, but today I think the importance of honoring all veterans is too important to ignore. The information below is from the website.


This Veterans Day, your gift DOUBLES to care for our wounded heroes.

Veterans Day is a day to honor and celebrate the heroes who risked their lives to protect us.

While we can never repay injured warriors for their extraordinary sacrifices, we can show our gratitude by giving them the crucial support they need.

Thanks to a generous matching gift from the Blue Angels Foundation, every dollar you donate today will be matched up to $200,000 in support of our Warrior Care Network®. Your donation of $25, $50, $75, $100, or more will DOUBLE the impact of your life-changing gift. Please give now.

Please go to their website for more information about the project and do whatever you feel is important to honor this day.



2 thoughts on “Veterans Day: Two Days Late

  1. God bless all veterans!
    We should remember them throughout
    the year. I had family serving in WW I and II.

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