Valentine Rhyme

I just posted a poem on my website: (Click on This ‘n That) because I met my second husband about this time eight years ago. If you are fretting because you are alone on Valentine’s Day, take heart. You are never too old to fall in love! I have reprinted the poem here in case you don’t want to go to my other site:

Dorothy, I Love You!

(Refers to Dorothy Parker, cynic, writer, critic,poet—my favorite writer!)

His kiss—-like butter on my neck.
Someone to love? Oh! What the heck!

His face like morning’s light, shining.
Does he like me? Oh, stop the whining!

What am I to do?
What am I to say?
Maybe just say nothing
And just take time to pray…

Pray it’s not too soon for him;
This is no childish whim.
He’s been wounded and so have I.
Oh, God, I think I’m gonna cry

Unless he calls me ev’ry day
With funny words that leave me gay,
Until we two find our way
Without our feelings kept at bay.

His voice like New York in the morn–
Oh! I forgot, he’s Philly born.
Let him mend and not be torn
Between old love and one not worn.

His kiss like butter on my neck:
I think I’m fallin’. Oh, What the heck!

This posting was prompted by the morning sky. I took the picture about 6:30 am, just as the new day was dawning.

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