Vacation Mode

Dear Readers,

i  am traveling from s. Calif. to Reno, NV and have limited access to the znternet, so I will respond to your comments women I am able.  I whole to be back in Pa by May 5th and can then resume reegular visits to my website.

happy spring!

2 Responses to “Vacation Mode”

  1. Mary-Lou Meyers Says:

    have a wonderful trip. I was in Reno in 1948 visiting with the family my cousin married into,
    Basque Cattle men, who had a ranch of 100’s of acres, necessary because the land is very dry.
    Bing Crosby had a ranch nearby, and they were very well acquainted with him. Apparently,
    he was very down to earth there, and even removed his hair piece, called my cousin through marriage,
    “a Buckeroo” which was the term used for cowgirls and boys then. i hope you have a wonderful
    time and are well-rested when you return.

  2. Paula Says:


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