V♥lentine’s D♥y Mess♥ge

When I was divorced and then single for 13 years, I reconfigured Valentine’s Day as a day of love for anyone and everyone, not just sweethearts, because for most of those years I had no sweetheart to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. Then on Feb. 12, 2003, I met my now-husband Alan, and Valentine’s Day became my “anniversary” of meeting him.  But I still believe that this day is one in which we soften our hearts to the universe, pray for peace, and do our best to extend loving kindness wherever we can, today and every day!



I am re-posting this photo because I love clotheslines!


Follow the direction of Spirit, which will be towards honest and open communication, brought forward with great love and great gentleness. People are much too valuable and much too precious to hurt or abuse or offend in any way at all. Always speak kind words and speak from loving.

-John-Roger, DSS

Source: Living Love from the Spiritual Heart


♥Happy Valentine’s Day!♥

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  1. Beautiful sentiments. I shared this day with my children and grandchildren this year by sending them a wonderful book all about love and kindness.

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