Update for Kitchari in Eat Wheat by John Douillard

Over the week-end I posted a review of Dr. John Douillard’s new book, Eat Wheat. The first post was the review and the second was just his kitchari recipe, a basic Ayurvedic dish that I have been making for 3 years.

I posted the recipe before I made his version of Kitchari because I figured that I already make it, so I don’t really need to test it. But then I had second thoughts, since his version is slightly different and does not include vegetables in his book.

So here is the photo of plain kitchari, minus the vegetables, which I made yesterday morning. It was actually very good and tasted a little different from my version. I just added a sprig of parsley because I had no cilantro, which is not my favorite herb anyway!

To see the reviews, just scroll down on the Home Page or go to Kitchen Nutrition with Recipes (in the left hand margin list of categories) since I now post in two spots on my website. (There is also a link to my version on the recipe post.)

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