Update for International Women’s Day: WEAR RED

Found out today that some women are choosing red for IWD instead of purple. Here is why in a direct quote from www.telegraph.co.uk. (British website)

Photos from Twitter are on the site and I am unable to cut and paste them.

You might have noticed your social media feed, office, or local coffee shop filling up with women dressed in red today – International Women’s Day.

The widespread adoption of the colour has caused many people to wonder why, as white, purple and green (the suffragette’s adopted shades) are more often associated with the women’s rights movement. And the marches for equality across the world earlier this year, saw many women wearing pink-eared hats.

No, the answer has nothing to do with today’s Spring Budget – it’s probably too far fetched to claim the Chancellor’s red box as a feminist statement. The solution lies in the ‘Day Without Women’ movement that has sprung up around IWD 2017.

Spurred on by their success in January, the organisers of the Women’s March on Washington have launched a new campaign. They are encouraging women in the USA and worldwide to strike from work today in protest at the economic inequality, prejudice and insecurity faced by women in the workplace.

They are also encouraging women to wear red to show their solidarity with the movement.

Women’s March @womensmarch
If you believe women’s rights are human rights, join us in wearing red as a sign of solidarity & revolutionary love for a #DayWithoutAWoman.

This photo is from NPR’s website


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