Up Beet! Appetizer or Side Dish

My daughter and daughter-in-law gave me a comfortable and attractive kitchen mat with fruits and veggies all over it. The picture of beets had Up Beet! next to it. The other foods also had pithy plays on words which I will share as I post more recipes on the foods.

This recipe is one from my “Cooking by the Strings of Your Apron” recipes, because there are no absolute amounts and it can even be made as separate items on a plate, as in photo below, instead of composed, as in the photo above.

The nutritional lowdown on Up Beets!— In Foods that Heal by Dr. Bernard Jensen, beets have marvelous therapeutic value. Here is the info, quoted on page 115:

Beets are wonderful for adding needed minerals. They can be used to eliminate pocket acid material in the bowels and for ailments in the gall bladder and liver. Their vitamin A content is quite high, so they are not only good for the eliminative system, but also benefit the digestive and lymphatic systems.


Utensils: Cutting board and knife, small plastic tub (or Ateco cutter)*, small bowls, small plate for serving.
Cooking Time: 30-45 minutes for beets unless you buy pre-cooked beets. They can be cooked the day before. Prep. Time: 20 minutes
Categories: Vegan, Sugar-Free & Gluten-Free


2-3 small, red organic beets
2-3 small, yellow organic beets
one small avocado
1/2 lemon
Salt & pepper and herbs to taste


  1. If using pre-cooked beets, skip this step. If not, cook beets in two pots so red beet water does not discolor the yellow beets.  Cover with more than enough water, since the water evaporates. (I have often burned beets!) Cook until tender, about 30-45 min. depending on the size of your beets.
  2. Remove cooked beets and place in two separate bowls to cool.
  3. While beets are cooling, peel and mash the avocado, adding a little salt & pepper or cayenne pepper if you wish. Squeeze on some lemon to deter oxidation.
  4. Peel cooled beets, keeping red beets separate from yellow beets, and dice, adding herbs to taste. (I used za-atar.)
  5. Arrange a small plate with lettuce. Place the plastic deli tub with the bottom cut out or use the Ateco cutter on top of the lettuce. Place yellow beets first, then add mashed avocado, then add yellow beets on top. Carefully remove the cutter or plastic tub so that the beets are stacked. Garnish with sprouts.
    You can serve the dish at room temperature or place in ‘fridge until ready to serve.

    As an appetizer, it should serve two or three people, but if served instead of salad, I think it serves only one or maybe two people. At the restaurant where my daughter-in-law ordered it, she ate it as her entree.

    If using the plastic tub or stainless steel cutter is too much of a hassle, feel free to just place the beets and avocado over the lettuce and top with sprouts. This is a dish that can’t be “beet!” Either way of serving it is fine.

    * I took a plastic deli tub (small) and cut out the bottom, using the smaller, bottom side on the lettuce so the larger (top) side gave more room to spoon in the beets and avocado. Below is a photo of an Ateco cutter.

    Ateco cutter:


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