UNITED FARM WORKERS: From Field to Fork Petition

My friend Honey sent this & I also received it in the mail. No coincidence! These workers bring the food to our tables &
need our help.

Sign the petition TODAY! (See URL below)

The UFW is proud to be working with a coalition of environmental
and farm worker groups to ensure revisions in the federal Worker
Protection Standard protect farm workers from dangerous pesticides.

It’s the time of year that we enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of our summer favorites —
watermelon, strawberries, peaches — carry pesticide residues from field to table. While even
small amounts of these chemicals can be harmful to our health, farm workers face a greater risk
due to direct exposure in fields and orchards. Too often, they lack sufficient safeguards.

The Worker Protection Standard that was designed to fill this gap have for too long been weak
and unenforced — and we hear revisions are finally in the works. This must change.

Add your voice to this urgent issue. Take action and sign the petition by cutting &pasting the URL below into your address box,
urging policymakers to better protect the country’s nearly two million farm workers from dangerous pesticides.
It’s time for EPA to get it right and quit putting farm workers at risk.

Copy & paste this address into your address box:
Thank you.
(The link from the original message has my name & address, so please go directly to the site on your own instead.)

After you sign the petition, please ask your friends and family to sign too. You can send them an e-mail,
post this campaign on your Facebook and/or Twitter page by clicking here or by going to

3 Responses to “UNITED FARM WORKERS: From Field to Fork Petition”

  1. Honey Says:

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this info!

  2. ellen sue spicer Says:

    de nada! I have long been a supporter of UFW, ever since I saw the video called The Wrath of Grapes about all the pesticides creating miscarriages and health problems to migrant workers, one of the least noticed population in the US that do so much for our tables & farms. ellensue

  3. -amparo Says:

    I signed the petition! Thank you, Ellensue, and Honey for this important effort. Ellensue, I will write you on a separate email about your request for me to write about my experience as a migrant worker so many years ago.

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