Two of My Favorite Things

Never mind “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,” give me fall leaves and reticulations on giraffes, two visual pleasures I experienced a couple of weeks ago when fall was in its glory and so were the giraffes at a small zoo nearby, the Elmwood Park Zoo, mostly kid-friendly with farm animals as well as wild animals, but I zoomed in on the trees and the giraffes, both tall and stately.


So here are some photos of the trees near the zoo and the two giraffes that lived there. Normally, I am not a proponent of zoos, but this one emphasizes the importance of keeping wild animals from becoming extinct, so it was also a learning experience,with the names of extinct or endangered animals as part of the exhibits.


P.S. A photo of me on the giraffe bench is at the end.





























P.S. WordPress does not allow me to space the fotos exactly where I want them, so excuse their weird placement. My draft never looks like the final Preview, so I have to live with this until they upgrade the program.

3 Responses to “Two of My Favorite Things”

  1. Paula Says:

    Thank you for the beauty of both. They are graceful and beautiful animals. you. What a great bench!

  2. Joyce Eisenberg Says:

    What a sweet article. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your favorite things!

  3. Coll Says:

    What fun to have visited the giraffes in autumn! This year I was especially taken
    with trees partly bare, one of which you featured.

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