Two Articles Published Elsewhere by Me

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Last fall I decided to go back to freelancing for other publications. This was more difficult than I thought, because I believed that with the Internet, reaching editors would be easier than when I first attempted freelancing, long before I learned to use a computer. Unfortunately, the Internet may make submitting easier, but getting a response is more difficult. Health is now a major topic of conversation in health magazines and mainstream magazines, online & in hard copy., so there is a lot of competition from freelancers and many magazines don’t pay. These are two articles that  did get published.  I thought I would share the links in case you want to read them.


The first article is from the Philadelphia Horticulture Society’s Magazine, Jan/Feb 2014 and aptly named The Green Scene:

(The white space at the bottom is where my name and address are printed, which I covered up.)

To read the article, click on this link:  It will take you to the digital version and you need to click on the arrows to the Table of Contents and then on the article itself, p. 32-33, entitled: “Windowsill Gardening: Go Micro.” (Thanks to my friend Jerry Henkin for the title.)

Jewish Exponent: Soups Provide Stock Answers for the Winter Woes

January 29, 2014 By:

Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson, JE Feature
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Soup is soothing. Soup is savory. Soup is so easy to make from scratch that I almost never buy it canned or frozen. And when the winter winds begin to blow, I love to make soup and have the smell of the mixed veggies cooking on the stove permeate our apartment. Soup becomes a one-dish meal to enjoy!

Happy Reading & Eating!

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