Tuesday, Dec. 21st, DAILY MENU

Key to Abbreviations:
Dairy Free – DF
Gluten Free – GF
Dandy Blend- Dandy (coffee sub.)
Macadamia Nut Oil- Mac Oil
NSA- No salt added
Olive Oil – OO
PP – Protein Powder
S & P – Salt & Pepper
Sugar Free – SF
TBA- To Be Announced

First day of winter, so need to look at cold weather foods.
6 a.m
. Lemon juice & water
7:30 a.m. GF/DF pancakes (Had the batter from Sat.? & wanted to use it up) & Dandy
10:30 a.m.– Made a green smoothie because I felt sluggish: 2 c. cold water, kiwi, dandelion greens, pomegranate seeds & a date for sweetness. Strained the drink because the arils (pom seeds) are gritty)
12:30– Made an Asian slaw and posted it on www.menupause.info earlier today. It is made from grated red cabbage & carrots, snow peas, sprouts and an Asian dressing. My daughter told me not to post my “tacky” pictures, but this looks too good not to! I ate the salad with my GF/DF/SF Mary’s Gone Crackers

2:45 p.m.- Organic orange
6 p.m. – Made a double Solstice Salad for lunch and it tasted so good I ate the rest for dinner with my sweet potato/kale soup that I posted in an earlier menu. The edamame beans gave me protein, so it is like a whole meal salad. (Cook scrubbed and cubed potatoes in water until soft. Peel after cooling and save the water. Cook 2 -3 leaves of kale til soft in other. Cool.
Puree kale and sweet potatoes in potato water. Kale water too bitter. Good 4 plants. Add cinnamon to taste, heat & enjoy.)
Also had one piece of my GF/DF bread with omega 3 oil on top.
Snack: I plan to have an organic apple later in the evening.
P.S. I keep a glass of water by my bed and if I wake up, I drink some.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, Dec. 21st, DAILY MENU

  1. I don;t have many pictures on nobody eats like me. The ones I take myself are on https://www.menupause.info. Let me know if you want to use any and I will give you a blurb about where they are from. Would also love to see some of your flowers.

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