Travel Tales, Part One: San Luis Obispo, CA.

Last month I visited my three children and my step-son and his partner, as well as a niece and nephew, all of whom have migrated on or near the west coast. Here are some photos taken in San Luis Obispo, abbreviated to SLO, went on a tour of the Point San Luis Lighthouse and here are some photos. The first one is from the website: and the Chinese saying left on the porch of the house built by the Asian workers early in the last century is a scan of the postcard I purchased. The others are courtesy of my daughter Eileen’s iPhone.

The lighthouse is actually a two story house with the lighthouse tower on the third floor in the left hand side of the photo. Unlike most lighthouses I have seen, this one is not a tall tower that is wider at the base and narrower at the top. Because the house sits on already high ground, the lighthouse tower is just the third floor of the house, just above the top edge of the photo. It was quite unusual looking for a lighthouse, which now operates electronically without anyone living in the house itself, which is now a museum.

Here is the lighthouse kitchen, recreated by one of the children, Lucy, who lived in the lighthouse with her siblings and parents. Before she died, only a few years ago, Lucy helped the volunteers restore the house to reflect the decor and utilities at that time. I loved the kitchen with the old-fashioned stove, the coffee grinder, non-electric irons, the coffee percolator, and all the “modern” artifacts of an earlier era.


My daughter spotted this in one of the rooms—an original Singer sewing machine in its original table, a perfect reminder that making clothes and quilts made a sewing machine an important household item. All the quilts on the beds were made by hand, probably with the help of someone’s Singer.

The Chinese saying on the wood frame of the house states: As a bowl collects rain, may this house collect blessings. As noted above, this was left by the workers of the original building.


Here is a view of the ocean from the lighthouse. The view is spectacular and there is a flat area nearby where weddings and other celebrations are held. To get to this spot, we took the “Lucy” trolley up a winding, narrow road to the top and walked a few yards to the lighthouse.


Many thanks to my daughter Eileen for taking the photos in the posting. Here we are in front of the lighthouse, again, with the third floor of the light itself above the top edge. If you go to the website you can see more photos of the entire setting.

Note: On the website,, the area is also considered a nature preserve. You can make reservations right from the website or call 1-800-838-3006 to make reservations 24/7.  If you are near the area, it’s worth the trip, especially the trolley up the winding road and the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding bays.

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  1. Most enjoyable. That’s the upside for those of us whose kids have decided to re-locate to the west coast. A reason to visit often and get to know someplace new.

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