Transformation: A Rhyme for the First Day of Autumn

Note: These photos are of the trees where I live,  just beginning to change. The leaves on the floor I plucked from the pool. The red Japanese Maple is already completely red. The first and last photos are just beginning to show signs of color.



Autumn’s in the air, with shorter days & crispy nights.

Leaves changing colors and then taking flight,

Falling softly from the limbs of trees,

Floating down on the whim of a breeze.


As chlorophyll abandons the leaves

All around us brilliance weaves,

Transforming the landscape into a blaze:

a rich mixture of colors, an autumn craze.


Flaming foliage comes once each year.

I wait patiently for the colors to appear,

Loving Mother Nature in her colorful riot:

Oh, to feast on a never-ending autumn diet!


P.S. I just finished a wonderful first novel by southern writer Kaye Gibbons, entitled Ellen Foster, written from the viewpoint a young girl. Here is a quote from the book that seems to fit my rhyme:

“The leaves are starting to change good. Every year I want all the leaves to be fall-colored at the same time but there are always some that don’t match.”

(My thoughts exactly. How glorious that would be !!! And special thanks to my friend Rhoda for lending her copy and introducing Kaye Gibbons to me via the book. es)

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  1. Paula Says:

    Thank you for the beautiful poem on the first day ( almost ) of fall.

  2. ellen sue spicer Says:

    Another on its way! es

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