Total Recall by Mary Lou Meyers

Note: My classmate Mary Lou sent this lovely poem that is perfect as fall wanes & the next season begins to pop up as early morning frost.


Mary Lou & I met at Longwood Gardens in early October.
Here are leaves on the ground of lovely fall colors.
Those trees, as far as the green goes,

their closely woven branches intervene

among others in their verdant interplay,

their borrowing of a seasonal display,

shedding blossoms for a striking interlude,

then turning a subdued color in their new mood,

breathing their last dusty note before the Fall.

Then ditching it all to wear a snow-covered shawl,

turning inward again as if to break from the vigors

of showing it all before they begin their total recall.
I took this picture on one of our trips to Central PA, when Flaming Foliage was at its peak.

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