Tofu with Calcium


If tofu is low on your list of foods to eat, you may want to try this brand, Pete’s Tofu, which is flavored so well that I can eat in without even heating it up. There are three or four flavors, such as Italian, Thai, and Lemon Pepper, as well as Sesame Ginger, which is my favorite. What’s good about this tofu is that it is made with Calcium Sulfate as the coagulant (Soy beans are vooked, pureed, and “milk” from the cooking is coagulated in to “bean cake.”), which means it is a good source of calcium, in addition to its protein content.

However, the separate packets of sauce do have sugar in them, which I avoid, so while I like the tofu, I discard the sauce. It is available in my local Acme, so when I need a non-meat protein source and can’t get tempeh, which is a higher fiber soy source, I pick up some Pete’s Tofu and enjoy the flavors embedded right in the soybean triangles, providing a tasty snack, side dish, or ingredient in a stir-fry dish for dinner.


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