Today is World Vegan Day–An add-on to my Home Page

Earlier today my Home Page posted, but I did not know it was World Vegan Day. Not sure how I missed that, but my writing friend Roz Warren,who is also one of the librarians where I check out my books, has written a funny and honest piece for Women’s Voices for Change that you might like to peruse:

I am not a vegan but I did flirt with it a few times. Veganism involved not only not eating animals, but also not wearing wool, silk, leather, going to fashion shows with clothes made from them, not attending rodeos and keeping no pets, since all of this is exploitation of animals.

While I agree with some aspects, I don’t embrace it fully, so I consider myself an eclectic foodie. What is your opinion of veganism? Comments welcome.

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2 Responses to “Today is World Vegan Day–An add-on to my Home Page”

  1. Mary-Lou Meyers says:

    I am a very modest meat eater, only because I believe it is difficult to have a balanced diet with some
    small inclusion of chicken, fish, and a very minimal amount of red meat. Still my diet is lavish in vegetables and fruit, and I’ve always had access to a garden growing up and rearing a family.
    I didn’t know being a strict vegan included not having pets of any sort for we’ve always had them
    and taken good care of Rescue Animals.

  2. I don’t agree with their stand on pets or some other issues, either. ellensue

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