Thurs., Jan. 20th, 2011-DAILY MENU

Key to Abbreviations:

Dairy Free – DF
Gluten Free – GF
Dandy Blend- Dandy (coffee sub.)
Macadamia Nut Oil- Mac Oil
No Salt Added- NSA
(Organic) Olive Oil – OO
Protein Powder – PP
Salt & Pepper – S & P
Sugar Free – SF
To Be Announced – TBA

(From Nov. 10, 2010)

7:30 am– lemon juice & warm water

8 am – fruit salad (berries, pineapple, unsweetened coconut
PP drink
pm- Greek salad, Black Bean Soup – At Panera Restaurant
3 pm
½ apple with one or two dates, soaked
6 pm
Basmati rice with cooked & chopped kale (made last nite), garlic & leek and a few black beans I had in the ‘frig from the week-end. Some Mary’s Gone Crackers.
7:30-8:30 pm – Meeting. Tried a little cheese to see if it affected my tinnitus. No reaction. Also a few grapes.

Still hungry so had a small dish of rice from dinner heated with Rice Dream and cinnamon, sort of an instant rice pudding, but less creamy.

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