Three of Hollywood’s Coolest Celebrity Cemeteries by Ignacio Darnaude

Photos compliments of Ignacio’s personal photos. He sent me some not used in the article, so I picked my favorites.

Thanx, Ignacio!



This article appears in Iberia Airlines Magazine and is written by our extended family member, Ignacio, who has been workingin the entertainment field since moving from Spain more than 30 years ago. He took us to see the movie Lion when we visited L.A. over Thanksgiving and I posted a mini-review with a photo of Dev Patel and me taken by Ignacio. (Internal Link:



Monument dedicated to Toto, the dog from the Wizard of Oz, although she was buried on the owners’ ranch property in Studio City.

Ignacio was asked to write this article before the unexpected death of first Carrie Fisher and then her mom, Debbie Reynolds, only one day apart. They are being buried in Hollywood Hills at the Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery, not included in this article. But I do think it is ironic that the article was released about the same time as the deaths of this mother and daughter talented duo.


Link to Ignacio’s article inIberia Airlines Magazine



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