This ‘n That: Love Among the Ruins

On February 12th, 2003, I met the man who was to become my second husband. After 30 years of marriage and 13 years of being single, I took the plunge again, becoming engaged at 65 and marrying one year later. All I can think of is that classic movie with Katherine Hepburn and Sir Lawrence Olivier: Love Among the Ruins and what I thought were perhaps foolish thoughts about marriage in our “golden years” just slip away.

Rhymes always come to me when I am either troubled or happy. They seem to clear my mind. So I am sharing two rhymes I wrote while in the “romantic ruins” with Alan. This is not to say that marriage, even the second time around, is a bed of roses, because roses, after all, have thorns. Rather, I want to share with you that romance is possible at any age, even when you are on Medicare!

So if you are a single senior and like it that way, great! But if you are still seeking a partner, don’t give up. Remember, there’s a lid for every pot!


This is a picture of my husband Alan & me. He plays gold all year round, so he’s tan all year ’round. Actually, he says that all he needs is a 200 watt bulb!


Party of the First Part

(I was inspired to write this because my husband works as a legal assistant in a law firm. It was written while I was still living in State College and seeing Alan on week-ends in Philadelphia.)

Missing you is like missing ME,
‘Cause part of you is now part of We.

The part of ME that’s part of YOU
Is faraway, what can we do…

But keep that YOU inside of ME
Until WE meet again and see

That all are parts are reunited
Tossed and turned ’cause we’re excited

To be a part of ONE ANOTHER
No need to hide under the cover.

Because now WE’RE the party of the first part
Holding tightly as we each share our heart.

So missing you is like missing ME
‘Cause now we know “It’s got to be WE.”


Pocket Poem

(I used to put mini-rhymes in Alan’s pocket before I would return to State College or he would return to Philadelphia. Here’s one I wrote while on the bus to see Alan and later put into his shirt pocket.)

Just think if we had never met
We’d still be surfing on the ‘Net.

But now are lives are interfaced
Our lonely hearts are now love laced.

I know I’m yours when we are kissing;
You’re worth the wait, worth the missing.

My ETA* is almost here and soon I will be very near.
As the distance does disappear, I hold our love, so dear, so dear.

* Estimated Time of Arrival

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