SPRING is Here!

I just posted a rhyme about the miracle of Spring on my website, www.menupause.info and thought some of you might want to click on the link and read it. (It will be under This ‘n That, the last link on the left hand margin of “Table of Contents.”)

While the poem, per se, has nothing to do with divorce, in a way Spring coming back after a long, hard winter, can be a metaphor for all of us who “spring back” after the winter of divorce. So, take a peak and see if the photos and words don’t give you a little lift.

I plan to post another article soon  about getting a job after your divorce, based on my own experiences and would love to hear your experiences, as well. Hope you can enjoy the spring weather even if winter is still lingering in your heart.

One thought on “SPRING is Here!

  1. Yes, the key to remembering what to do with our clocks is “Spring forward.” “Fall back.” It is a time to” move on up and out”. Notice this play on words.

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