The Lunar Calendar

This unique calendar, which celebrates its 45th year of printing, is a wonderful gift for any woman, but especially someone approaching or experiencing menopause, because it tracks your menses, or lack thereof, using the phases of the moon.

The subtitle is Dedicated to the Goddess in Her Many Guises and is the on-going creation of Nancy Passmore, editor. The cover is by artist Jamie Hogan. The calendar has 32 pages with “fresh works” from 20 artists and writers.

This calendar is actually more than a calendar because of all the excellent information. It costs $24 per copy unless you buy more than one; then the individual price drops.

To order this spectacular calendar, go to or call 617-327-8000. There is a sample page in its oval form that I think you will find interesting.

The postcard with the picture of the cover plus all the information came last week, during Menopause Awareness Month, so I am posting it during the last days of September. I don’t believe in coincidences and the fact that it came during this month is no accident!


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