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In 1990, my first husband and I separated.  Soon after that I came across The Lunar Calendar with the poem and artwork (reprinted below) on one of the pages. It became my mantra during the dark days of divorce and I still mail it to friends who are facing divorce. It is reprinted here with permission from The Luna Press. Information for ordering the new calendar follows the picture of the 2010 calendar cover.
P.S. I reviewed the 2007 calendar on in 2006, but not the poem, which I feel is more fitting for divorce dayz.
by Kathleen Keating Schloessinger
I am not the goddess
of dreams….
mine faded long ago.
I am not the mother
to heal your wounded heart…
mine broke long ago.
I am not the lifesaver to keep you afloat….
I sank in my tears long ago.
I am a spirit
sowing omens
to help you harvest your own life.

Permission to reprint the poem: “salvation” Copyright 1990 by Kathleen Keating Schloessinger from THE ’91 LUNAR CALENDAR: DEDICATED TO THE GODDESS IN HER MANY GUISES, Luna Press, Boston, USA. For the art: Copyright 1990 by Jamie Hogan from THE ’91 LUNAR CALENDAR: DEDICATED TO THE GODDESS IN HER MANY GUISES, Luna Press, Boston, USA.

Started in 1976 by Nancy Passmore (founder and editor of the press) for a graduate school project, The Luna Press Calendar has evolved into a yearly commitment of beauty and dedication. The monthly calendar itself is depicted as an oval of the phases of the moon with a poem or artwork included for each month, or as one of the brochures states: “The Lunar Calendar reminds us every day of the steady guidance from the Moon, her inspiration in the form of poetry and art and our connection to earth and our sister Moon.”

I urge you to check out the website: and order a calendar for yourself or a friend.  It makes a great holiday gift. The information below the cover image was sent to me by The Luna Press, so everything you need for ordering is there.



cover: Tiger Moon, by Agusta Agustsson

edited by: Nancy FW Passmore

ISBN 978-1-877920-20-2

$23 US$

Pub. Date: August 5, 2009

32 page wall-hanging, featuring work from 24 artists and writers.

Printed with soy-based inks on recycled paper in the USA

Think globally, print locally.

New Phone: 617-327-8000

The Luna Press
PO Box 15511 Kenmore Station
Boston, MA 02215-0009

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