The Lion & The Lamb: MARCH 2018

According to my Google search, Denver, CO has some if its worse storms in March. So perhaps, March comes in like a lion is accurate for that part of the country. Right now, as I sit in front of my computer in the Philadelphia area the temperature is in the fifties. Perhaps because of climate change, there are more fluctuations across the country. We had 71º last week, a record high for that day in Philadelphia. So maybe we are already experiencing “the lamb.”

While dealing with the warmer weather and its impact on Mother Earth, I am very conscious of every action I take that can contribute to reducing my carbon footprint. My Earth Day Every Day postings will increase as we approach April, which is the month that Earth Day events are in full swing.

In the meantime, here are some of my  plans for March:

March 8th is International Women’s Day and I plan to profile writer Ruth Gruber, who became an international foreign correspondent in her twenties in the early part of the 20th century. Her autobiography, Ahead of Time, shows her to be a feminist well before the Women’s Movement. If you Google Ahead of Time: The Extraordinary Journey of Ruth Gruber (2009) you can watch the trailer of the documentary with her as narrator at age 97. She died about two years ago at age 105.



I have been reading all of Ruth Gruber’s books                          
and find that her writing is wonderful. She writes
in such a way that you feel as thoughyou are reading
a novel when actually you are reading non-fiction.
Perhaps her writing is a good example of creative
non-fiction. I look forward to sharing her life
and her work with you.







March is also the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, when I emphasize not just wearing green, but also eating “green.” This has a double meaning for me, that is, green foods as well as eating lower on the food chain, since animal husbandry is actually detrimental to the environment. My green bean side dish is perfect for this celebration.

Gingery Green Beans

I just purchased a book entitled, THE PLANT BASED SOLUTION by Joel Kahn, MD, which actually discusses diet and heart-disease, which I hope will segue into eating more plants not only for a healthy body but also a healthier planet. Maude I should call it The Planet Based Solution! The book includes a 21-day meal plan with recipes, so I plan to post one of the recipes.

Apropos to this is another book called Soup Swap by Kathy Gunst, which I think is perfect if March is still a cold month where you live. The idea of trying several soups at a meal intrigued me, so I was able to
obtain a review copy and also plan to review this book with at least one recipe.






Already March postings seem too busy; thus, I will not add more plans to the Home Page, since I might find I am overwhelmed with my own plans. Except, of course, March also ushers in the first day of Spring, so I will see if I can capture some early spring trees and flowers to post as spring approaches, whether as a lion or a lamb! Here is a photo of my own early spring sprout garden, growing right on my windowsill (or beneath it if the heating grate gets too warm). These micro-greens are organically grown and can’t get more local than my own kitchen!

Home Grown Springing Sprouts 

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  1. Have a good March! May it be more like a lamb.! Ho! Ho! Starting in an opposite way!

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