The Holiday Spirit: November-December 2011

Fusion Ambrosia: Asian Pears & American Cranberries sprinkled with Unsweetened Dried Coconut
(Recipe follows later this month.)

November and December are what I call the holiday hype months. Many of us “gear up” for Thanksgiving, then comes Christmas/Hannukah/Kwaanza and finally, the New Year. In some households there is an ongoing march of relatives and friends, lots of food preparations, and holiday shopping. Hopefully, this year you will take time to make a schedule that will keep you sane and help you enjoy the true spirit of giving. Also, that you will consider eating foods to support a hectic schedule: less sugar, more fresh foods, simpler meals using local produce. The postings during November and December will focus on this goal so that your holidays will be less hectic and more harmonious. November is also National Diabetes Month, so a Health Flash on that topic is high on the list of postings.

Past peak but still glorious!

Depending on where you live, there is still time to enjoy the gorgeous foliage. Even with the storm on Saturday, Sunday morning’s brilliance came back and many of the leaves around Philadelphia were still clinging to the trees. There was some snow on the ground as these mums attest, but for the most part, by Monday morning the snow was gone and the sun was bright. Not so in other parts of the country where early snow was the case.

Snow-Kissed Mums


I plan to review several books during these last two months, two of which relate to my series from Nobody Eats Like Me. They are “numbered” diets, that is, their titles have numbers in them.  I found both interesting and also gleaned quite a bit of good information from them in my quest for a Personal Eating Plan (P.E.P.). I also read two other interesting books, one on allergies and the other on curbing diabetes and obesity, which I will share.                                                       

Since I like to sew, making wall hangings, tote bags, pillow covers, and baby blankets in crazy quilting, I hope to interview a woman named Lonni Rossi, who creates her own fabric patterns and sells them in a small shop nearby. Here’s a photo of her fabrics in her shop and featured on her website:

Keeping up with health information is an uphill hike, so I may do smaller snippets in order to fit more into the posting and stimulate you to go further, if you wish.  I also have some “leftovers” from October to post and hope you will find many of the postings interesting enough to keep reading…

Finally, I want to wish all of you a safe, happy, non-hectic holiday season. Make your gift giving from your heart, not just your pocketbook, and your meals simple and tasty to support you during this season. The holly tree with its cheerful berries is one that all of us can enjoy as we celebrate this season. ♥

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