The Green Living Handbook & Low Carbon Diet by David Gershon (Part One)

A couple of weeks ago I posted a rhyme called “Crazy Dayze” and listed these two books as well as Our House is on Fire by Greta Thunberg and family to read in conjunction with the envirnment: Here’s the link to the rhyme posting in case you missed it:…f-normandy-beach/ .  It was posted on June 6th, D-Day, so it was a double posting, with the rhyme at the bottom.

The Green Living Handbook and the Low Carbon Diet are similar guidebooks. The subtitle of the Green Living Handbook is: A 6 step program to Create an Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle.  Both books address ecology issues, except the Low Carbon Diet is a 30-Day Program to lose 5,000 pounds (carbon points) , while the Green Living Handbook divides environmental activities into six steps, starting below the photo of the cover:

1. Dumping on Garbage- Reducing Your Solid Waste

2. Wasting Water is All Wet – Water Efficiency
3. Getting a Charge Out of Saving Energy – Energy Efficiency
4. Ticket to Ride – Transportation Efficiency
5. Good Buys Forever – Eco-Wise Consuming
6. You Make the Difference – Empowering Others
The Low Carbon Diet has 5 sections:
1. Cool Lifestyle Practices
2. Cool Household Systems
3. Empowering Others to Lose Pounds
4. CO2 reduction Action Plan
5. Program Support Tools
Both books encourage you to be part of a “team” so that these actions can be done with more of an impact and also put these suggestions into practice with a support group. I plan to post the ideas on my website, perhaps one section each week.
In the meantime, if anyone of you reading t his is interested in being part of my “team,” please contact me at: to make a plan to put these ideas into practice, using the workbook approach and plans from one of the books, since there is overlapping.
Both books (8 1/2″ X 11″ softcover) are available from Empowerment Institute: Low Carbon Diet is $12.95 and the Green Living Handbook is $14.95. To order, go to The institute is located in West Hurley,  NY.


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