The Gift of a Book: I am Malala

Someone gave me a book bag with a great quote by Abraham Lincoln: My best friend is a person who gives me a book I have not read.


In the light of the horrific attack on a school in Pakistan that killed more than 100 children, the story of Malala Yousafzai (with Patricia McCormick) is even more important for our children and grandchildren to read.  This book, based on the New York Times bestseller, provides us with the background that helps us understand Malala’s courage to continue her education and to keep fighting for young girls to have the right to go to school.

Having won the Nobel Prize for Peace, among other honors, you know this is no ordinary child. Brought up by a father who started the school she attended and a mother who supports her education, Malala draws strength from her family. We learn about her everyday life with her two younger brothers and how the Taliban began restricting the way of life where she grew up in Pakistan.

The day she was shot while going home with her friends on the school truck was totally unexpected. Her father thought he would be the target, but instead, it was his beloved daughter.Amazingly, Malala survived and did not disappear into the background. The family now lives in England where Malala continues to campaign for girls’ education.

This would be a great gift to someone young person in your family to serve as inspiration and to point out the importance of following your heart. If you choose to read it yourself, you will find the book moves quickly because it is written very straight forward for young readers.


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