THE EIGHT HEALERS: A “Prescription” for the New Year

Abbreviated Caveat from Pioneer Nutritional Formulas, the source of this reprint: The information reprinted below is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any health condition or disease. If you suspect illness, consult your healhcare porfessional and speak with others who have successfully treated themselves.

FotoNote: My kid brother Harry and his wife Karen are world travelers. Harry is an amateur photographer with a good eye. He is also an eye doctor, so his focus (no pun intended) is always on taking pictures when they travel. These fotos are from a recent trip to Sicily, Italy. I could not make them larger, so I hope you can enjoy them as “thumbnail” shots. Thanx, Harry!

1. EAT A WHOLE, NATURAL FOODS DIET* – Enjoy a diet high in vegetables, whole grains, beans, fruits, fresh nuts & seeds (with occasional eggs, cultured milk products, fish and other low-fat animal source, if desired). Choose foods low in “manufactured” foods and with artificial additives and/or man-made, chemical preservatives. (Organic is best.) Eat moderately and chew your food thoroughly. Eat only when there is calm and gratitude present. Avoid tobacco, drugs, and excessive alcohol usage.


2. GET VIGOROUS EXERCISE DAILY– Make time for at least 15-20 minutes a day to enagage in any activitiy that raises the heart and respiration rate and increases circulation. If you enjoy the exercise, you’re likely to make it a daily habit for years. (Choose activities that don’t feel like a chore. es)


3. GET SUFFICIENT REST– Early to bed and early to rise is a proven, general rule. It’s o.k. to rest whenever there is genuine tiredness. (I love to nap! es) Vary your daily activity, taking frequent breaks during your work (or play) day. Tranquility, moderation, and balance are the keys.


4. CULTIVATE A HEART FUILLED WITH JOY & LOVE– Engage in activities that develop a calm mind and a compassionate heart. Sharing your love is profoundly healing on all levels. Laugh frequently and heartily.


5. DRINK FRESH, CLEAN WATER* – Drink six to eight glasses of clean, pure water throughout the day— between meals. Too much water with meals, especially cold water, can interfere with digestion.


6. BREATHE CLEAN, FRESH AIR WHENEVER POSSIBLE– Air your rooms daily, especially in the winter. Keep your windows open whenever possible. Breath deeply and easily.


7. PUT SUNLIGHT IN YOUR DAY– Expose yourselves to moderate amounts of sunlight. In the summer, morning and late afternoon sun is best. If you wear glasses, remove them, if possible, so beneficial light wavelengths can pass through the optic nerve to the pineal gland.


8. CONNECT TO A HIGHER SPIRITUAL SOURCE– Finding a source of higher wisdom and compassion, a source of reference in times of difficulty and inner questioning, can save many visits to a psychotherapist and can bring inner peace. Prayer and meditation have been shown to be very powerful healers.


*Recently I received a Food Safety Activity Kit from the food & water watch organization. To request your own kit, go to I received information on safe fish to eat, startling facts about bottled water, and a map of the world showing where are food comes from. The information was to the point and very helpful.

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