The Art of Hugging by William Cane

I just posted this book review on my website, but thought it would also be appropriate for Divorce Dayz, since when we are going through a divorce or are in a post-divorce state of shock, hugging may be exactly what  we all need!

William Cane, touted as the world-famous kissing coach, has written a small but mighty book on hugging called The Art of Hugging. Based on a worldwide questionnaire, Cane explores why, where, and how to hug. One chapter is devoted to hugging techniques and dos and don’ts in many different countries.

Part One explores the “Hugging State of Mind,” including the origins of the word “hug,” which apparently is an old Norse verb hugga, meaning to comfort or soothe. The most interesting part of this section is the sex differences in hugging, that is, how men and women view hugging differently. A chart for men and another for women lists their reasons/preferences from one to 10.

Part Two is entitled “The Hugging Encyclopedia,” which describes a long list of the types of hugs, from The Bear Hug to the Family Hug to the Sexual Hug. Cane even includes holding hands and connecting physically while walking as hugs.

Part Three explores “The Hugging Technique,” that is, the best position for hugging, how to hug a baby, the best way to hug in a car, and what to do with your hands while hugging.

Whether you hug platonically, more physically, or sexually, after reading this small but powerful primer on hugging, I realize that hugging isn’t necessarily instinctive because many people are uncomfortable with hugging.  William Cane convinced me that hugging is truly an art, and this Valentine’s Day I plan to practice this art!

This book is published by St. Martin’s Press and costs $7.95. A great gift for someone you love who needs a little shove to start hugging!

P.S. Remember XOXOXOXO means hugs and kisses!

P.P.S. When I was single and Valentine’s Day was not a good day for me, I started celebrating V-Day, started by Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues. This day is to bring into focus the need to end violence against women and girls everywhere, which Eve and her staff and volunteers practice every day. Check out her website: Here is the logo:

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