Thanksgiving 2007

(Tree right outside the front door of where I live. The lights are part of the parking lot. I hope it will stay as brilliant until Thanksgiving.)

Have you noticed that Christmas decorations are on display barely a day after Halloween? Whatever happened to promoting Thanksgiving, my favorite all-American holiday that everyone can celebrate? I was thinking of combining November with December, because I am leaving for a family visit to California soon, but I would only be adding to the passing over of Thanksgiving. So while this is a shorter posting, I don’t want to ignore this wonderful family holiday.

My son-by-marriage, Jay, is in charge of dinner and I am just the helper. So I have only one of my own holiday recipes to offer in Kitchen Nutrition with Recipes. The others are from Jay, my brother, and my walking buddy, Marilyn. But I have made all of them and they are tasty additions to your turkey or ham or tofurky. (Tofu made to look like a turkey.)

Hope Woodring, naturopath and neuro-muscular therapist is featured in the Profiles category. She has been in my life for 25 years. Our birthdays are one day apart; hers is December 3rd and mine is December 2nd. So we are Sagittarian sisters!

The book I have chosen to review is one suggested by my friend Barb Jarmoska of FreshLife Foods. (In October, Barb was wined and dined by Lifetime TV in Hollywood for her active participation in raising awareness about breast cancer. I profiled the Breast Cancer Action group last month, the organization she supports.) She emailed everyone when she was going with the name “Hollywood Barbie.” The book Barb recommended is called Feelings… Buried Alive, Never Die. So check out Reviews to see if you identify with the author’s concepts. (No photo at this time. When I return from my trip, I hope to add it.) Also, check out This ‘n That for my “Fallosophy” with more brilliant tree colors. Finally, look at Health Flashes for a blurb on National Caregivers Month.

I was able to take some additional photos of fall trees and plants because of the warm weather. Right in the area surrounding the parking lot around our apartment building are some lovely trees and also some roses, still blooming. So here is a photo and a poem to celebrate these late blooming flowers and still brilliant trees. Maybe Thanksgiving will still give us some colorful surroundings, while we are being thankful for the bounty of Mother Nature.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Roses in November

I can’t remember
Roses in November
Can you?

I can’t ever recall
Colored leaves so late in fall.
Do you?

Could it be a gift from Mother Nature
Or another sign of global warming?

Whavtever the reason, enjoy it
Before the winter’s storming.

Roses blooming, trees ablazing.
I hold my breath—-grace amazing.

Fall—I just love this wonderful season;
The brilliant colors are the reason!


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