Tempeh with Delicata Squash & Peas

“Tempeh is a fermented food made by the controlled fermentation of cooked soybeans with a Rhizopus mold (tempeh starter). The tempeh fermentation by the Rhizopus mold binds the soybeans into a compact white cake. Tempeh has been a favorite food and staple source of protein in Indonesia for several hundred years.” (Source: www.tempeh.info/)

The main reason for this recipe is not the recipe, per se, but the use of tempeh, which many people are still not familiar with using.  I cannot find it on menus in restaurants and while health food markets carry it, supermarkets on the east Coast generally do not.  So I thought I would use the recipe to tell you how a couple ways to use it, since I think it is a better soy choice than tofu, because it is fermented and is made with the whole soybean.

*I usually cut it in half crosswise and then cut that half through the middle to make two thin pieces,  I place them in my Forman grill and grill the two pieces until crispy, but not dry. After that I cut the pieces into strips, cubes or triangles and add it to whatever dish I am making. This dish is delicata squash and peas with some guacamole on top, but you can use any veggies or beans of your choice. So here is ghe recipe for this photo, but please feel free to use kale, asparagus, black beans, snow peas, other kinds of squash, etc.

Utensils: grill or small fry pan, cutting board & knife, larger fry pan for cooking the dish
Prep. Time: About 20 minutes
Cooking Time: About 15 minutes
Category: Vegan, Gluten Free

Ingredients (Approximate amounts)

one small delicata squash or half a large one
one cup (frozen) English peas or snow peas or Edamame beans
one half cake of tempeh
Spices of your choice
Guacamole (optional topping)


1. Wash and remove seeds from squash. Slice into rings and cut them in half crosswise if they are larger than bite-sized.
2. Place slices in a fry pan and barely cover with water or soup stock and let simmer until tender, about 15 minutes.
3. *While the squash is cooking, prepare the tempeh according to the paragraph above that I notes with an *. My grill cooks very quickly, so I need only about 5-7 minutes.
4. Remove peas from freezer and add to squash near the end of the 15 minutes. 
5. Remove the tempeh from the grill and cut into small pieces. (I like triangles.) Add to larger fry pan with squash and peas.
6. Sprinkle on herbs and spices you like, such as garlic, cayenne, salt & pepper, etc. Stir all the foods together with flavorings and serve with guacamole topping or as is. (I had made guacamole for my Color Me Healthy workshop earlier in the week and this was a great way to use what was left.)

Yield: Serves two as a main meal

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