TakeitBack.org and New Supreme Court Justice

I just learned that this on Yahoo News and wanted to post it:

Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson’s historic nomination to Supreme Court.



TakeItBack.Org is an independent organization dedicated to taking back our country from the undue influence of wealthy special interests and putting it to work again for everyday citizens by promoting progressive reforms in a variety of areas including: healthcare, climate change, immigration, campaign finance, ethics and non-partisanship, voting rights, gun safety and Native American issues.

TakeItBack.Org believes that our democratic institutions face dangerous challenges from a political system that is becoming increasingly partisan and unresponsive. We will use our 50 years of combined experience  to support progressive leaders, candidates, causes and ballot initiatives (like one currently being sponsored to expand Medicaid by our friends at Dakotans for Health) to directly confront these problems — and will use all avenues available including digital technology to mobilize the American people to act.


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