Yin Yoga with Katrin Elia on ZOOM (Let Yoga come to you!)

NOTE: Yoga is a great way to unwind in these anxious days of staying home and worrying about the state of thee world and our own health. My yoga teacher, Katrin Elia, is a strong believer in the power of yoga, so she and her husband re-created her classes that I take with ZOOM. (Photos from the Internet)

This is the cover of a book I reviewed several years ago by Suza Francina, who I met in Ojai, CA a few years ago. Both of us were familiar with yoga teacher Michael Volin. (See P.S. below) Link to the review:



This year marks my 50th year of being introduced to yoga. My (ex) husband and I were living in Suffern, NY and my friend, Diane, told me about the class. The teacher, Michael Volin, was from Russia and considered the father of yoga in Australia. I loved to hear  his voice, with his lilting accent, especially when he said, over and over, “Love your body,” but it came out more like, Love your “buody.” Because of this teacher, who was probably in his late 50s when I met him, but had the body of a man half his age (see photo in link below), I became a vegetarian. I thought I would never surpass this yoga  experience, but doing yin yoga with Katrin on ZOOM is just as exciting! (Go to katrineliayoga.com and fill out the Contact form.)

We have the opportunity to see our “classmates,” and sometimes Katrin, who is from Europe, invites friends from Switzerland or other countries where she has personal friends. So we have an International yoga class! And the focus is on holding the pose for three-five minutes. This is called Yin Yoga and as Katrin pointed out, once in the pose, the mind takes over and you have the meaning of yoga, which means union. I find yin yoga very relaxing, with the benefits of a good stretch and flexibility the asanas (poses) bring.



If you want to join in with ZOOM, go to her website, www.katrineliayoga.com and sign on! Her schedule shows several times for different kinds of yoga, not just yin, and the cost is $15.00 per class. (You need to add ZOOM to your computer.)

You will love your body after her class!

P.S. I Googled Michael Volin and came up with a great link about his life:

www.agelessyoga.com.au/pdf/volin.pdf. However, I could not retrieve the article with the link, so I just looked up his name and added yoga teacher to it.





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