Book on Climate Change by Harrient Shurgarman

By Harriet Shugarman


I wanted to read How to Talk to Your Kids about Climate Change because I knew it would be informative and in language that I could understand. And it is informative as well as easy to follow. The Preface itself is very inspiring. Here it is as a direct quote:
We must imagine the future we want, envisioning our hopes and dreams. We must envision  a future where climate change is a chronic condition, one we have figured out how to live with, one that is manageable and allows our children to thrive, not just survive. Our children are watching us; their present and future is truly in our hands. Let’s talk honestly with them about this—about the endless opportunities, about the active hope.

Let’s begin by telling our children the truth.

This Preface sets the tone for the entire book, which provides a broad view of the entire issue of climate change from the viewpoint of the author and her research, as well as comments from parents. Shugarman herself has been involved in this serious issue for several years, starting her blog ClimateMama in 2009. She is also professor of Climate Change Policy and World Sustainability, and Chair of The Climate Reality Project, NYC Metro Chapter.

In the Introduction, the author tackles the issue of “Awakening to Our Climate Emergency,” plus concerns, solutions and some of her memorable blog posts.  Reading the book, I was impressed with all her knowledge and passion about climate change. The book also tackles Science, Politics, Growth, and Justice in Chapter 2, explaining how these all impact and how we as adults (and our children) can tackle climate change. She does devote chapters to how we can “Turn from Angst to Action,” the subtitle, from pre-school through college and beyond, so the book is actually for all age groups.

This book is packed with so much important information that my review cannot do it justice. I have so many tabs on so many pages, that I will need to keep this in my bookcase as a reference book. I especially like Chapter 7: “Creating a Million Ripples: From Me to We.”

If you want help and inspiration in being the change you want to see, then this book is  must reading. It is published by New Society Publishers in Canada, whose “mission is to publish books that contribute in fundamental ways to building an ecologically sustainable and just society, and to do so with the least possible impact on the environment, in a manner that models this vision.”  How to Talk to Your Kids about Climate Change is a soft-cover book with 167 pages and costs$17.99 new, well worth the reasonable price.

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