Terrific Watermelon Tip from my Culinary Daughter

My youngest child, Basha, is a terrific cook with great food ideas. She gave me a great tip on watermelon that has saved my pieces of cut watermelons from spoiling.


Above is a photo (from the Internet) of cut watermelon pieces sans rind, sitting in a bowl. The juice from the melon drips into the bowl, and unless I eat the pieces in a day or so, the melon begins to spoil the longer the juice sits in the bowl with the watermelon pieces “drowning,” especially those at the bottom of the bowl.


Instead, I now use either my stainless steel steamer in a medium-sized bowl for a smaller melon or my large salad spinner for larger melons.

This is my smaller bowl with a stainless steel steamer that has small legs underneath it for steaming veggies, inserted into the bowl to keep watermelon juice from the cut pieces.



This is my larger salad spinner with watermelon. The outside bowl is larger than the basket, so the space between the spinner and the outer bowl allows the watermelon juices to drip. (I drink that juice.)

Many thanx to my daughter Basha for this terrific tip! I never have
to discard any cut pieces of watermelon again!

CAVEAT: Even though this tip works well, if you have a very large melon, I suggest keeping half intact in the fridge and only cutting up the other half. Whenever you cut fruit, it starts to oxidate (ex. inside of apples turn brown). The melon won’t turn brown, but it will start to change its composition and eventually spoil, so only cut up as much melon as you think you will be eating for the next couple of days.

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