Water & Agriculture

NOTE: Yesterday I posted an article from the World Wildlife’s website, triggered by an article I had on agriculture from 2009. Today, Earth Day, Every Day posting #6, is from the actual hard copy. I found the information very interesting and, at the same time, disturbing, since water is one of our most precious resources.

The statistics came out too small for easy reading, so I have reprinted them (left to right)  below the photo.

The statement under the topic heading reads:

Not only is agriculture the world’s largest industry, it accounts for 69 % of all freshwater used by people on the planet.


1 latte= 55 gallons of water

glass of beer= 20 gallons of water

glass of milk= 53 gallons of water

2 lbs of cotton textile= 2,900 gallons of water

glass of orange juice= 45 gallons

1 egg= 53 gallons

hamburger= 630m gallons

apple= 16 gallons


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