Go Fund Me Update

Dear Readers:

I now have $705 in my Go Fund Me account and am cleaning out my office space to make a new space for Cherie’s book.  I plan to start after Thanksgiving, since I am going away this week for 10 days to be with family.

Yesterday we went to The Jewish Film Festival sponsored by Rutgers University and one of the movies was so difficult to watch about the Warsaw Ghetto that I had to leave.

I now realize why I want to help people write about their escape to the USA. I do not think I could live day-after-day with the Holocaust stories as depicted in the movie.

Below is an article about another Holocaust refugee made into a book called Rebuilt from Broken Glass, referring to Kristallnacht.  To read the text,  please  Google the title in the Philadelphia Inquirer from Friday, Nov. 2nd, 2018. The title is: Kristallnacht could come again.

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Many thanx! ellensue



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