For the New Year: Two New Foods from Philadelphia (Part One)

A few months ago I saw an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about a new brand of tahini (sesame paste). The name of the product is Soom Tahini and the company is owned by the three Zitelman sisters, Amy, Jackie, and Shelby.  I did an email interview with Amy and found out that she likes working with her sisters and with a product she believes in. Here is the website: Check it out for some interesting recipes.

For our New Year’s Eve open house I made some (sprouted chickpea) hoomus using Soom Tahini.  However, check out the website, because one of the reasons Soom was created was to show people how hoomus can be used for other dishes, as well. (I
am experimenting with a tahini/miso sauce or dressing that I will post when I know it’s ready to share.)


I captured this photo from the Internet, but the company also makes a chocolate tahini I haven’t tried yet.


Then, a few days ago I went to Whole Foods with my daughter who took me to a demo to try some vegan ravioli from EATNICEFOODS.COM.  The co-owner of the company, Paul Cantagallo, was doing the demonstration and we had a good conversation about his product, which he bills as plant-based comfort food. I brought home a package of walnut stuffed ravioli. The other flavor is made with tofu.  I made some ravioli and topped it with my avocado pesto (pestacado).




Both foods are created by young entrepreneurs who believe that good-for-you foods can also be nutritious as well as delicious.


In my next posting I will include my hoomus recipe and my ideas for using the ravioli not only as a regular pasta dish, but also some ideas for using it in other ways.

I wish both companies success in their efforts to introduce healthier foods for people who want foods that are good tasting as well as good for you!

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