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A Valentine for My Heart

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

I wrote this poem in Feb. 2002, almost one year before I met my husband Alan. Someone told me once that you need to ask the universe for what you want. This was my plea & it was answered, although about this time I realized that not finding a mate was not a fate worse than death. I had survived 13 years without a mate and I could continue to survive…. and thrive. I wasn’t unhappy being single, but I did feel I could love again, because I had learned to love myself first.


My heart is feeling homeless;
It needs a place to rest…
Beside a loving soulmate.
Is this some kind of test?

My heart is feeling lonely
It longs for peace of mind
Someone warm and caring;
I want a love that’s kind.

My heart is feeling restless;
No shoulder on which to cry.
Will it just wander aimlessly
Seeking a quiet place to die?

Someone’s heart is calling
I hear it in the dark.
Will it ever find me?
Where’s my angel, hark!

My heart is feeling homeless;
It needs a loving mate.
Is there someone waiting?
Oh, I hope it’s not too late!