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Thursday, October 27th, 2016


I initiated my blog-turned-website in March 2004, only one month after Facebook started. At the time I did not really think social media was crucial to my website, but my webmaster provided a link to both Facebook and then Twitter. My postings were sent automatically, or so I thought.

Thanks to my writing friend Joyce Eisenberg, I learned that there was nothing from my Menupause site going to Facebook (and probably Twitter). Either it was never set up or the plug-Ins disappeared.  So my web guru, Shayne and I, worked on this over the phone and I am waiting for him to add the icons for Facebook and Twitter.

I have been keeping my head in the sand, thinking I was on Facebook and Twitter, and also noticing the number of hits going down, so now I think I know why. I will send another update when the icons are in place and my friend Krista gives me a tutorial on social media so I know what I am doing.

Here is the picture for my  new Meupause page. (I still have a personal Facebook page under EllenSue Spicer-Jacobson). I wrote an essay called “Cooking Off the Cuff; Baking the Buff,” which I think I posted with this photo, but need to check the archives to see if I actually did. If not, I will post it, or maybe repost it for new readers.