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Lancaster Farm Poem & Painting

Sunday, June 7th, 2020

Lancaster Farm

painting by Judy Ringold (above) and poem by Stanley Fink (below)


Early morning rising sun


Farm house



All nestled

In the green shade of

Old Oak and Maple trees.

This place is

So quiet, serene and still

It seems frozen in time.

The harvest and livestock

Are safely sheltered

From rain and snow.

But the biggest threat

Is our own attitude.

This land is sacred–

We do not own it.

Ours only to borrow

To preserve for tomorrow.


Thanx to Judy & Stanley for their timely contributions! I am reading books on climate control and the environment, so this dynamic duo seems very timely.

MAY all life be SAFE!

Friday, May 1st, 2020

May is my second favorite month, being eclipsed only by October, my favorite “season,” as one writer wrote about October and fall. Hopefully, May will bring back a semblance of everyday life, with perhaps permanent changes for the better. As part of that attempt, I will be posting the rest of the 50 Earth Day Every Day suggestions that I am gathering from various sources and hope that some of them will be ones you can implement. I also welcome suggestions! es

These lovely trees are right at the edge of our car entrance.

For now, I am just posting some photos of spring from walking around my neighborhood, spotting azaleas starting to bloom as the tulips begin to droop. (I hope to take some azalea photos as they come into full bloom.) It seems that each week there is a blooming and a folding of the flowers, as Mother Nature intended, so we are never without some kind of blossoming tree, bush, or flower that we can enjoy. Or, as my husband noted, he even loves the spring green colors of the leaves, like Granny Smith apples. Later, in the summer, they take on a richer, darker green, which is also lovely. I am grateful that spring is here in full force to give us hope that life on Earth is visible in the blooms and leaves around most of the globe, especially in the Temperate Zones.


These are some of the year round plants on our double window sill.

P.S. Some of the photos I have used already, but since I am not out and about a lot, I am repeating some. Also, one is  in shadows (above) from our indoor plants and flowers, to brighten up our apartment during our “confinement,” bringing spring inside.

Flowers on a table always brighten up the room!


The landscape people hired by our condo always do a lovely job on the flowers and plants.

Celebrate spring wherever you find it!

P.P.S. Check out the last posting of Stanley Fink’s Trees poem and Judy Ringold’s tree painting. Just scroll back one frame.